The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book by Alan Robert (IDW Publishing)

Get that red crayon ready! Rock-star-turned-comics-creator Alan Robert (Life of Agony) has created a unique, horror-themed adult coloring book, titled The Beauty of Horror (IDW Publishing), just in time for Halloween. The Beauty of Horror is filled with intricate, hand drawn, pen and ink illustrations by Robert that take the color enthusiast on a twisted journey through bizarre carnivals, the zombie apocalypse, serial killer lairs, and haunted burial grounds. Horror fans and newcomers alike will welcome this GORE-geous and creative blood-soaked alternative into their coloring library.

"The coloring book craze took hold of my wife and daughter a few months ago and I wanted to get in on the fun, but as I flipped through the endless pages of nature patterns, it dawned on me that someone left out all of the damn corpses," Robert laughs. "As a proud member of the horror community, I took it upon myself to stand up for the rights of monster-lovers everywhere. Why should we be excluded from the coloring phenomenon?! Needless to say, my take on the whole thing is completely warped, but I know I'm not alone... there's a lot of us horror-fiends out there looking to color in some morbid stuff."

The Beauty of Horror features 80 pages of original artwork depicting a variety of increasingly terrifying scenes and patterns. Featuring a beautifully chilling red foiled cover and high-quality paper that will ensure the pools of blood you color don't leak through the pages, Robert and IDW have come together to present a deluxe coloring experience.

"From the first image he sent over, it was clear that this was going to be a hit," says IDW VP of New Product Development, Jerry Bennington. "Alan (Robert) has such an eye for creating these coloring pages that are gruesome and gory, but still something you can't help but want to color. It's really like The Walking Dead have burst into The Secret Garden, and we love it."

The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book by Alan Robert is in stores now through IDW Publishing.

TP • BW • $17.99 • 88 Pages • 9.8” x 9.8”• ISBN: 978-1-63140-728-4

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About Alan Robert

Over the last few years, Alan Robert has made quite a name for himself in the comics world by releasing several critically acclaimed graphic novels through IDW Publishing. Robert's titles include Crawl to Me, Killogy, Wire Hangers and the highly anticipated angel epic The Shunned One. Crawl to Me is now currently in development to become a live-action feature film. Robert's band Life of Agony has built a die-hard cult following by performing with the biggest names in rock all over the globe for more than two decades. Life of Agony has sold over one million records worldwide and will release their 5th studio album titled A Place Where There's No More Pain through Napalm Records in 2016

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